Links for Latin America & the Caribbean Islands Resources!

We would like to share our resources as well as helpful information for Latin America and the Caribbean Islands on this page.  The materials will come from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology programs as well as our partner organizations! Below you can find categories with links to specific resources that will help you and your community.

Free Downloads: Educational Kits, Field Guides, Manuals, Books, and more!

You can download all of these educational materials for free! The Celebrate Urban Birds and Birdsleuth International Kits contain bird guides and cool facts about focal species. There are also links to educator training manuals, guidebooks on how to use e-bird, and much more!

Colombian Educational Materials

In an effort to support educators and group leaders in their educational activities in Colombia, several Colombian organizations and groups decided to share their educational materials about birds and conservation. You can explore and download the materials here.

Mini-grants for Latin American and Caribbean Organizations and Groups
(Photo © AveZona)

Click on this link to stay informed about our mini-grant applications! Organizations and groups in Latin America and the Caribbean Islands can apply for support in their workshops for educators about birding, BirdSleuth curricula, Lab resources and citizen science.

Virtual Panels: Latin American communities’ experts share their wisdom

You can access all the links to the virtual panels here! These virtual panels are led by Latin American experts on different subjects. The guest panelists are extraordinary people who are passionate and have done extraordinary things in their communities. We hope these virtual panels provides ideas, advice, and tips for you and your community.

Resources for using eBird

You can find an amazing Spanish handbook on detailed explanations on what eBird is, how to use it, and so much more! There is also links to specific eBird portals for some Latin American countries and the Caribbean that can help you input bird observations for your country!