Resources for using eBird

Guidebook to use eBird in Chile

Download this wonderful Spanish guidebook on how to use eBird in Chile, completed under the leadership of Fernando Medrano and Ivo Tejeda from la Red Observadores de Aves de Chile (ROC). This handbook has detailed explanations on what eBird is, how to use it, how to input observations, and so much more! Although this guide is specifically for eBird Chile, it is still a very helpful tool for anyone who wants to learn more about eBird and how to contribute data into the portal. Just remember to enter the eBird portal that corresponds to your geographical area.  The instructions are the same for any eBird site. Thanks so much, ROC!

Download the guidebook on how to use eBird in Chile here

eBird Portals for Latin America and the Caribbean

If you want to input your bird observations, but some of the birds you want to enter are not available through Celebrate Urban Birds, you can use eBird as an alternative. We have attached the links to the different eBird sites, including specific eBird portals for some Latin American countries and the Caribbean below! It’s important to enter your data into the eBird portal of your country or region, or the portal closest to where you live. This isn’t only because of the specific events and news that eBird highlights, but also because birds have different names in different places!

Remember that if you already have an account with Celebrate Urban Birds, you do not need to make another account with eBird. Just enter through the eBird portal that corresponds to your location, and click on “My eBird” and use your account information to log in.

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