Wellness & Nature!

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Healthy Minds

Having a healthy mind is just as important as having a healthy body. Nature can help you take care of your mental health by relieving stress and helping you relax and stay focused.

Research has shown that spending time outside or looking at nature around you can help you fight feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed. When you feel calm and focused you do better in school and at work, and you find it easier to look out for others in your community. Getting along better with others makes it easier to plan group activities, spend time with the people and places around you, and generate a sense of community.

Taking care of your mental health doesn’t have to be hard! There are many great ways to connect with nature and feel better. At the bottom of the page we have listed different indoor and outdoor activities to try out. Many of these are very simple and can be adapted to fit your needs and surroundings. Some activities can be done alone and will help you focus on your own feelings. Many others are fun to do with other people so invite your friends, family, and people in your community to participate. This way everyone can have fun, relax and take care of their mental health.

Photo Courtesy of Isla de Coche

Healthy Bodies

Exercise makes your body healthy in many ways so you can keep doing the activities you love! Being in nature gives you some fantastic ways to have fun moving and being active.

Running, playing sports, dancing and taking walks are all great examples of how to have fun and exercise. Exercising is also a great way to spend time with the people around you. Invite your friends or family to take a walk to a nearby park or even dance with you in your living room! It can be a fantastic way to relieve stress, chat, and stretch your muscles. The wonderful thing is that no matter where you live there are plenty of places to have fun and be active. Think about your favorite playgrounds, parks, community centers, and trails. You may even discover that nature is just around the corner!

Indoor & outdoor activities


Photo courtesy of Salvando al Loro Huasteco

Helping birds and your wellness


We have created a list of references and resources for you to explore webpages and books relating people’s wellness and nature.

Photo by Denis Agati

Written by Julia Luna and Ashley Calderon. Edited by Debra Nero.