Nature Journaling

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Nature journaling is an amazing way to express your feelings and creativity through writing and art. In your journal you can write, draw, paint or describe anything you see, hear or feel. Anything that you observe around you is excellent to include in your journal. The journal doesn’t even have to be a book – paper, chalkboards, notebooks, and canvas are all great ways to express your observations! You can have a personal nature journal or you could keep a shared journal with your friends, family or classmates. 

This fun activity doesn’t need to take long – just a 10-minute walk can give you a lot of inspiration! Go outside with your journal materials, take a few deep breaths and focus on observing your surroundings. You can find beautiful and interesting things to look at whether you are at a park, your neighborhood, your schoolyard, the city or a walking trail. Nature is everywhere! Take a look at the animals, trees or a small flower peeking out of a crack in the concrete. If you would like more tips on how to make nature observations, check out our Nature Watch page!

If you are curious about the birds you see around you check out Learn the Focal Birds Near You! You can also use your bird observations as a chance to participate in programs such as eBird where your observations contribute to a community of wonderful nature journalists like you!

Photo by Marilu Lopez Fretts

Written by Ashley Calderón, Julia Luna, and Corey Hasson. Edited by Debra Nero.