Nature Watch

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Observing nature is a great way to relax while learning about your surroundings. Whether in park, through a window or even waiting at the bus stop, you can discover nature anywhere!

Going for a Nature Walk in your neighborhood or on a local trail is an excellent way to discover nature. Walks are also an excellent way to relax, stretch your legs, and enjoy each other’s company while exploring the beauty around you. Nature walks don’t have to be very long – even just a short walk of 5-10 minutes can make a big difference in your physical and mental well-being. Check out our page Nature Walk for some tips on how to make your walk even better!

If you can’t do a Nature Walk there are plenty of other ways to observe nature! Looking out the window or just sitting quietly outside are great options. If you would like to bring wildlife closer you might enjoy setting up some bird feeders. You can even make your own bird feeder using pine cones!

Making Observations

Your nature observations don’t have to be complex or long. They can be simple! Try looking for birds or other wild animals that are common in your region. You can even look for plants, flowers, or fungi that catch your attention. If you are having trouble finding something to focus on take a deep breath and start by noticing different things you can hear, see and feel. Can find at least five things in each category? If so you are already off to an amazing start. Some examples of observations are noticing if there any exciting animals or plants or how your surroundings look! Do you hear different sounds? Maybe the coo of a Mourning Dove or the chirping of crickets in the noisy urban background? Do you see the squirrel running on a tree or the small leaves sprouting from a crack in the sidewalk? How do the clouds look today?

Photo by Patricia Castillo.

Recording Observations

You can collect your wonderful observations in a Nature Journal. Nature journals are great ways to express yourself and record your observations through writing and art. Some people find that setting up a routine for nature-watching helps focus their observations. If you enjoy bird watching the Celebrate Urban Birds Kit gives you a great structure to observe nature. Citizen science projects like these depend on observations from brilliant nature-watchers like you. We thank you!

Nature is everywhere! Next time invite your friends on a relaxing nature walk and discover nature all around you.

Photo by Oregon’s Volunteers of America

Written by Ashley Calderón and Julia Luna