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Educational kits 
(Photo © Celebra Aves Urbanas)

Celebrate Urban Birds in Guatemala kit 

Celebrate Urban Birds in Mexico kit

Celebrate Urban Birds in Panama kit

Celebrate Urban Birds in Puerto Rico kit

Celebrate Birds with the Peruvian Amazon Kit

Celebrate Urban Birds kit (United States and Canada)

BirdSleuth International curriculum kit and its miniature version, Birds of my World

Field Guides 

Common Birds in Mexico City and its Surroundings: Free Field Guide!

This easy-to-use field guide for Mexico City and its surroundings is small enough to carry in your pocket! It contains bird drawings, useful information about birds, and cool facts. It is in Spanish. You can download this guide free by clicking here!


Guidebook to use eBird in Chile
(Photo © ROC)

Download this wonderful Spanish guidebook on how to use eBird in Chile, completed under the leadership of Fernando Medrano and Ivo Tejeda from la Red Observadores de Aves de Chile (ROC). This handbook has detailed explanations on what eBird is, how to use it, how to input observations, and so much more! Although this guide is specifically for eBird Chile, it is still a very helpful tool for anyone who wants to learn more about eBird and how to contribute data into the portal. Just remember to enter the eBird portal that corresponds to your geographical area. The instructions are the same for any eBird site. Thanks so much, ROC! You can download the guide by clicking here!

The Complete list of Mexican Bird Species and their Common Names
(Photo © CONABIO)

Explore the most current list of Mexican Bird Species and their common names in Spanish! You can check it out and download this useful manual by clicking here

(Photo © Colíbres de México y Norteamérica)

Hummingbirds of Mexico and North America

Check out this wonderful bilingual book about Mexican and North American hummingbirds by María del Coro Arizmendi and Humberto Berlanga. This book is a great guide to learning about hummingbirds. The book discusses hummingbird anatomy, feeding, reproduction, migration, ecological significance, and so much more. Hummingbirds of Mexico and North America is a bilingual Spanish-English book that you can download here for free, thanks to the support from CONABIO and UNAM in Mexico! Download the complete book by clicking here!

Display and Celebrate Urban Birds!
(Photo © ROC)

The Display and Celebrate Urban Birds e-book is fantastic! It features bird drawings drawn by the students of  Northern Chile. The students had the wonderful idea to share their artwork with their community with the help of the Red de Observadores de Aves y Vida Silvestre de Chile (ROC) educators. Their passion for promoting bird observation and environmental conservation manifested in this amazing e-book! If you would like to read it click here!

Camp Songs
(Photo © ROC)

This amazing book rose from the collaboration of educators from the Red de Observadores de Aves y Vida Silvestre de Chile (ROC) and students from the North of Huentelauquén, Chile! The book is filled with the amazing work the students created. Inside the book, there are sections of bird identification,  local bird distribution as well as examples of threats local birds face. It is fantastic to see the passion these students have in creating a greener space in their community. To view the outstanding book you can download it by clicking here!