Mexican Celebrate Urban Birds Kit

Download the Mexican Celebrate Urban Birds kit in Spanish! It contains a beautiful foldable bird guide, with cool facts about the 16 Mexican focal species and their distribution maps in Mexico. It also contains a silhouette poster with Mexican birds at their expected locations outside. Of course, the kit also has detailed instructions to collect data for the 10-minute Celebrate Urban Birds observation. It is a colorful and easy to use data collection sheet! The sheet includes useful links to learn more about the 16 Mexican bird species as well as data entry for the Celebrate Urban Birds citizen science project in Mexico.

Celebra las Aves Urbanas en México: Instructions, data sheet, and silhouette poster
Celebra las Aves Urbanas en México: Bird Guide

The kit also contains a survey for participants who have done at least three observations for the project. You or your participants are welcome to provide feedback about the Mexican Celebrate Urban Birds kit! Your opinion matters!

Celebra las Aves Urbanas en México: Survey about the kit

We give special thanks to the Urban Birds Program, NABCI, and CONABIO in Mexico, for their constant collaboration with Celebrate Urban Birds and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The creation of the Mexican Celebrate Urban Birds kit is the result of an excellent and transparent collaboration between our organizations and staff. Our hope is that the kit serves as a special support for beginners in bird and conservation topics. We hope families, groups of friends, and people of all ages from all social backgrounds in Mexico go outside and enjoy the birds around them! It is important to join local and global conservation efforts through their participation in citizen science.