Mini-grants for Latin American and Caribbean Organizations and Groups

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology cordially invites organizations and groups in Latin America and the Caribbean Islands to apply for mini-grants to support workshops for educators about birding, BirdSleuth curricula, Lab resources and citizen science; and/or to support community events, which integrate the arts, citizen science, and habitat creation or restoration. Mini-grants range from $250 to $2500 dollars (USD).

Workshops for educators could be conducted by Lab staff in your community, or by someone in your region. If you’ve previously participated in our international workshops for educators, love to train others, and have used our BirdSleuth curricula in your community, mini-grants can cover your educator workshop(s) expenses. If you want to organize a workshop led by our staff in your community, you are also welcome to apply. You can learn more about our workshops for educators in this informative 3-minute video.

Community Events
Organizations and groups interested in conducting events for their communities, such as bird festivals or school/neighborhood events, are also welcome to apply. The application should include a detailed description of how participants will be engaged in bird-focused activities involving the arts, bird citizen science (eBird, Celebrate Urban Birds, etc), and habitat creation or restoration. No experience with birding is necessary. TThe events could engage many people and involve several organizations and/or institutions, such as in bird festivals (click for examples: 1, 2); or just a more localized event, such as a series of activities for a school or neighborhood community (click for examples: 1, 2, 3).

We are especially interested in supporting organizations and groups that work with low-income, or underserved communities. Depending on when the event or workshop(s) would be held, applicants should submit their application by the specified deadline below:

  • September 1. For workshops or events to be held between January 1 and June 30, the next year.
  • March 1. For workshops or events to be held between July 1 and December 31, of that year.

    Apply here!