Latin American and Caribbean 2022 Mini-Grant Winners!

We are happy to announce the 2022 mini-grant winners for Latin American and Caribbean organizations!

This year we received more than 100 applications to our mini-grant program and there were so many excellent proposals among them! It was inspiring to see so many organizations from all over Latin America and the Caribbean take a stand in protection of their local birds and other wildlife, education, citizen science, and the well-being of their communities.

It was not easy for the review committee to decide between so many outstanding applications. There were two types of proposals: community events or series of activities, and workshops for educators and community leaders. Both proposal types aim to protect and increase awareness about local birds and their habitat in their communities.

We selected organizations based on their creativity, potential to create a positive impact through the arts and culture, the creation or improvement of local habitat, citizen science, and geographic diversity. We also selected organizations which will train educators and community leaders in fun and informative workshops. Due to the pandemic, we gave preference to organizations which took sanitary measures to protect their participants and the organizers of the activities. Likewise, we chose organizations which proposed working in small regular groups over a long period of time, rather than large gatherings.

We thank all the applicants for all their hard work and effort to promote bird appreciation, conservation and citizen science in their communities.

The selected organizations are:

  1. U Yich Lu’um, México
  2. Wawas Emprendiendo Vuelo (WEV), Bolivia
  3. Roots and Shoots P.R., Puerto Rico
  4. I.E. Técnico Alfonso López, Colombia
  5. Fundación Manada Animal, Chile
  6. P’e’ela’an K’eweles (Titiras Puerquito), México
  7. Asociación Civil Casa de la Cultura San Antonio, Venezuela
  8. Instituto para la Conservación de la Cordillera Neovolcánica ante el Cambio Climático, Mexico
  9. Club Observadores de Aves Urbanas, Guatemala
  10. Grupo De Monitoreo Comunitario Orígenes, Colombia
  11. Fundación Muyu, Ecuador
  12. Asociación para el Estudio y Conservación de las Aves Acuáticas en Colombia – Calidris, Colombia
  13. Guaravito, Costa Rica
  14. Colectivo Chalchiuhtlicue, México
  15. Programa de Aves Urbanas Colombia, Colombia
  16. Programa de aves urbanas Compostela, México
  17. A.C. Grupo de Guardaparques Universitarios, Venezuela
  18. Parque Temático Cafetero Finca La Pedregoza, Colombia
  19. Escuela Camilo Henríquez González y Escuela Violeta Parra Sandoval, Chile
  20. 1900 Nidos, Colombia
  21. Fundación para la Conservación de la Biodiversidad Guandal, Colombia
  22. Birds & Nature, Mexico
  23. GEOWAKAPINKA. Grupo Ecológico de Observadores de Aves, Colombia