Webinars for You and Your Community

As part of our efforts to support you in your projects and initiatives Celebrate Urban Birds offers free online training (webinars). You can participate alone or with your co-workers, family, or friends. Everyone is welcome! During the webinar you can explore resources, opportunities, events, and educational material that can help support your work and interest in birds, their habitat, and conservation in your community.  

To participate all you need is internet access at a computer with audio. To sign up ahead of time for the webinars that interest you use the links below, and then connect at the indicated date and time. The following webinars will be conducted in Spanish and are geared towards educators and community organizations in Central and South America. Stay tuned for English-language webinars, usually presented in the spring. You can also check out past training videos at the bottom of the page and our Vimeo archive

For free webinars in English from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, click here to visit our K-12 Education program!

2020 Future Webinars (Spanish)

  • 2020 Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC): What it is and how to participate. We invite educators, leaders, people of all ages, and all those interested in the 2020 GBBC to join our free webinar about this global event. This world wide bird count will happen Friday, February 14 through Monday, February 17, 2020. During the webinar we will explain why participation of you and your community is so vital to this world wide event, what the GBBC is all about, and how you can share your observations with us. We also give some tips for encouraging curiosity and teamwork. We will share some Lab resources for learning about birds and the amusing nature that surrounds us. You can register to participate in the webinar by selecting the date and time most convenient for you and following that link (below):

For more free webinars from the Lab of Ornithology, click here to visit K-12 Education!

Recent Webinars (English)

Recent Webinars (Spanish)

  • 2020 Celebrate Urban Birds Mini-grants: What they are and how to apply. In this webinar we explain what Celebrate Urban Birds Mini-grants are, how to apply , and how they can help you hold events in your community. The webinar was presented on December 10, 2019. To watch the recording, click here!
  • All about the Macaulay Scientific Collection for educators. In this webinar we gave a step-by-step explanation on how to use the resources offered by the Macaulay Library Scientific Collection. Everyone interested in getting to know the diverse collection of audio, video, and photographic recordings and how to use them with their group is welcome. The webinar was presented on December 12, 2018. To view this webinar click here!
  • Merlin, the smartphone app: what it is and how it can support you. In this webinar, we taught what the Merlin smartphone app is, how to use it, and how it can support your projects and individual or group activities. The webinar was presented on Tuesday November 28, 2017. To watch its recording, click here!
  • Resources from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. In this webinar, we talked about the Spanish resources that the Lab has available for your community, including eBird, the Macaulay Library Scientific Collection, Neotropical Birds, Celebrate Urban Birds, the smartphone app for bird identification “Merlin,” and how you and your participants can use these resources. We also mentioned the opportunities that we offer to support you in your community activities. The webinar was presented on November 16, 2017. To view the webinar click here!
  • Creating habitat for your community’s birds. In this webinar we talk about birds and their habitats and gave some ideas for how to create habitats for birds in your community. The webinar was presented on September 6, 2017. To watch the recording, click here!