Explore Your Creativity with Celebrate Urban Birds

Coming in August! Take our upcoming online drawing workshop to explore your creativity, birds, and the arts with Celebrate Urban Birds. This online workshop is a collaboration with our partners in Venezuela – AVEZONA. Have fun and learn about birds! Share with others.

There will be 14 Videos divided into 4 modules, with downloadable guides, tips, and suggestions in pdf. Two hours of videos that you can view whenever you want. At the end you’ll receive an official Celebrate Urban Birds certificate of participation.

This workshop is dedicated to all those who wish to explore their creativity by drawing, painting and coloring. Creativity is not “something” that only some people have, we are all creative and as humans we can express ourselves in many ways.

We are going to explore creativity in this course and we assure you that at the end you will be able to have a better perspective on free-style drawing. You will be able to express yourself through different drawing and painting techniques. We’ll show you how to draw a bird.

Remember that everyone is welcome, and you do not need to have any knowledge of drawing or painting to participate.