Field Guides and Tally Sheets

Field Guide – Birds of the Las Planadas Village and its Surroundings, Mocoa (Putumayo), Colombia

(Photo © Amazon Conservation Team Colombia, la Asociación Alas Putumayo)
The Amazon Conservation Team Colombia, the Asociación Alas Putumayo (Alas Putumayo Association), and the Asociación de Mujeres Indígenas -ASOMI- (Association of Indigenous Women ), joined forces to hold a workshop. The goal of the workshop was to discover the cultural and biological importance of the biodiversity of the Piedemonte Andino Amazónico (Amazonian Andean Piedmont) territory. The workshop: “Exploring our territory through birds” was the basis for this Field Guide! The guide contains 102 registered species of birds and is intended for children and young people of Las Planadas and its surroundings, Mocoa, Putumayo. To download the complete guide, download both sides; the second Side is the reverse of the first Side.

Download Side 1 
Download Side 2

Los Aves de Mi Tierra – Municipio de Sotará (Birds of my Earth – Municipality of Sotará)

(Photo © Dr. Oscar Orozco Pastrana)
This booklet features some of the bird species present in the municipality of Sotará, Department of Cauca, Colombia. It was created to help community members get to know their local birds! Hopefully they will become passionate about nature in their region. Click here to download!

Author: Dr. Oscar Orozco Pastrana
Organizations: Municipio de Sotará, Fundación Aves, Fauna y Flora del Departamento del Cauca y AVEFACAUCA.

Indigenous Communities and Birds: A Photographic Guide

This booklet features a photographic introduction to the birds that live around the Mitú, Vaupés community through the lens of the indigenous Kubeo people. As part of an etho-ornithology study, the guide values ​​the relationship between human cultures and birds, and so the guide features the original Pamikamú name of the birds – calling upon the expertise of those who live within the bird’s community. This photographic guide can be a tool for those who want to learn more about birds and indigenous cultures who have customarily interacted with them. Click here to Download!

Author: Gloria Amparo Rivera Velasco
Organizations: SENA (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje) Regional Vaupés, SENNOVA (Sistema de Investigación Desarrollo Tecnológico e Innovación), ETNO Ornitologia

Illustrated Tally Sheets of Colombian Birds

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has collaborated with several Colombian organizations, which have requested printable materials for their activities in their communities. We have co-created illustrated tally sheets focused on 16 common bird species for their regions. These sheets are easy to print because they are letter size. They have additional activities on their back page for recording additional species and more. They are helpful materials for beginners and/or children. To download some of these tally sheets click on the links below.

Tally Sheet for the Tolima Municipal and its nearby areas
Tally Sheet for Popayán and nearby areas
Tally Sheet for the Botanical Garden in Bogota (Jardín Botánico de Bogotá) and its nearby areas
Tally Sheet for the Areas near Bogota