Using Birding to Create a Culture of Bird Observation Within the City!

Siruki Environmental Education (Siruki Educación Ambiental) is an amazing organization dedicated to spreading knowledge and appreciation of local biodiversity to foster an environmental culture of action, respect, and care of life in local communities. They conduct monthly bird watching tours in urban green areas such as parks, protected areas, and communities. Participants use binoculars and the Merlin Bird ID app to replicate the wonderful experience with their family, friends, colleagues or students. After each bird tour, the participants discover what it means to freely observe the birds within their city. They begin to appreciate birds and their habitats!

Thanks to the wonderful support of a binocular mini-grant from Optics for the Tropics and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Siruki Environmental Education’s participants now have more binoculars so that more people can observe birds more clearly without a cost! Binoculars are a great tool to get participants motivated to watch birds. Using the binoculars in the bird tours allows the participants to learn how to use them, and to know which binoculars to buy. In addition, participants learn the biology of birds, their identification characteristics, and they are able to see the colors of the birds more vividly. After using the binoculars, the participants can differentiate and identify bird species more easily. They are excited to see the birds that share their city up close! The birding tours teach the participants to become more patient and respect the pace at which others learn to observe. They also learn teamwork and make friends that are also interested in conserving and enjoying the biodiversity in the city.

With the binocular donation Siruki Environmental Education has been able to carry out events free of cost. This has allowed everyone to be able to observe birds. Birds should live freely!

Some comments from the bird observation participants:

“Thanks for lending us these binoculars, they look great are not heavy.”

“Bird watching is therapeutic; I feel calmer after finishing a bird tour.”

“I finally saw the eyes of a wild bird! They shine so beautifully. “

“Now I look for birds when I walk down the street and I can already recognize some.”

“I’m going to save to buy binoculars.”


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