Another Successful Seed Swap

February 22nd, 2014
Toledo, OH

Itching to garden during this past record winter, Wild Connections, previously featured here with their partner Toledo GROWs, welcomed spring with hundreds of people at Woodward High School this year for the tenth Annual Seed Swap. Along with volunteers, Wild Connections gave out seed bombs and Celebrate Urban Birds materials. Over two hundred and fifty seed bombs filled with native aster, coneflower and sunflower seeds will hopefully bloom beautifully this summer in backyards, vacant lots and against bare fences in the metro Toledo area!

The seed bombs were made by the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities gardeners at Manos Community Garden with clay, potting soil, compost and seeds. This year, the group learned that a string through the ball makes it easier to strike against a hard surface to scatter in the planting area. The plants that sprout will help feed their neighbors — the urban birds!

We’re so happy to have a former mini-grant winning group keep working so diligently with their community and stay connected with us! The annual Seed Swap is a wonderful example of a collaborative project between many groups working toward the same goals of outreach, education, and celebration of the environment. Check out more photos of the event below.

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