Photo by Maria Corcacas

Cool facts

On hot rainy days, Mourning Doves may lean forward, hold up their wings, and fluff themselves up allowing water to get into their feathers. In a cold rain or if they don’t want to get wet, they hold their heads high and flatten their feathers and the water flows off.


Song is a mournful “Ocoo-OOH, Ooo-Ooo-OooÓ”. Wings whistle in flight.
To listen to the songs of this species check out the ‘How to Identify’ section of its Focal Species page.


Found almost everywhere. Prefers open areas, farmland, open woods, deserts, forest edges, cities and suburbs.


Grains and seeds; occasionally eats snails, slugs, insects. Grit is an important part of their diet for calcium.

Did you know?

Mourning Doves are hunted heavily throughout most North America, yet they remain among the 10 most abundant birds in the United States.

Watch a cool video of Mourning Doves: