photo © Victor Loewen

Cool facts

Mallards freeze or pretend to be dead when captured by a fox. Sometimes the confused fox loosens its grip and allows the duck to escape.


Female gives loud series of quacks. Male makes softer, rasping “rab”. Wings whistle in flight.
To listen to the songs of this species check out the ‘How to Identify’ section of its Focal Species page.


Found in all wetland habitats, cities, and farms.


Insects and larvae, aquatic invertebrates, seeds, acorns, aquatic vegetation, and grain.

Mallard female
photo © Victor Loewen

Did you know?

  • Mallards find their mates long before the spring breeding season. They pair up in the fall, but they court each other throughout the winter.
  • Only the female incubates the eggs and takes care of the ducklings.