Photo by Sam Crowe

Cool facts

100 House Sparrows were bought by Mr. Nicolas Pike for $200 from England and released in Brooklyn, NY, in the fall the 1851 and the spring 1852. By 1900 House Sparrows had spread throughout most of the U.S. and into Canada.


Call is a metallic “cheep, chirrup.” Song is a series of cheeps.
To listen to the songs of this species check out the ‘How to Identify’ section of its Focal Species page.


Cities, towns, suburbs, farmland; near humans.

House Sparrow female
photo © Sam Crowe


Seeds, grain, and insects.

Did you know?

House Sparrows can swim if they are forced to! An adult was once seen swimming to shore when escaping a hawk, and nestlings that have fallen into the water from their nests can also swim to land.