photo © Tiny Gehrke

Cool facts

The red or yellow color of a male House Finch comes from pigments that it gets in its food. The more pigment in the food, the redder the male. Females prefer to mate with the reddest male they can find.


Song is a hoarse warble that goes up and down rapidly. Call is a sharp “cheep.”
To listen to the songs of this species check out the ‘How to Identify’ section of its Focal Species page.


Cities, towns, suburbs; especially in areas with buildings, lawns, and small conifers; also in deserts and open forests.


Buds, seeds, and fruits.

Did you know?

House Finch female
photo © Tiny Gehrke

The poop of nestling House Finches is enclosed in a thin sac called a fecal sac (this is true for most birds). The parents eat the nestlings’ fecal sacs for about the first five days. When most parent songbirds stop eating the sacs, they carry the sacs away from the nest. House Finch parents don’t do this and the sacs build up around the rim of the nest.