2019 Mini-Grant Winners!

We are happy to announce the 2019 Celebrate Urban Birds Mini-Grant winners!

We received a wonderful response to our mini-grant invitation. It’s really exciting to see such creativity and so many varied organizations across all geographical areas thinking about urban birds, conservation, and the arts in their local communities.

It was hard to select just a few of the many fantastic celebrations proposed. We were especially impressed by those that engaged participants of all backgrounds through active and dynamic participation in both the arts and data collection.

To all our applicants, we want to thank you for your work in building conservation awareness in your neighborhood!

This year’s winners are:

  • Asociación Calidris, Colombia
  • Aves de la Laguna, Mexico
  • AveZona, Venezuela
  • Centro Educativo Básico de Bajo Cedro, Panama
  • Colegio San Adrián, Chile
  • Fundación William H. Phelps, Venezuela
  • La Mujer Obrera, Texas
  • Luz Divina, Honduras
  • Programa de Aves Urbanas (PAU) Tapachula, Mexico
  • Reverdece y Educa tu Comunidad, Puerto Rico
  • St. Charles Tutoring Lab, Louisiana
  • Wallingford Senior Center, Washington


Photo courtesy of Green Jay Mayan Birding, past mini-grant winners.

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