Suspects by Nature

This is an environmental detective game! All human actions have consequences to the environment. Discover how environmental problems are caused by the community and come up with solutions to live sustainably in nature. Download Here!

Authors: Zoraya Buitrago and Jay Martin
Contact Information:
Organizations: SELVA, Fundación Aves Colombianas, and AES Colombia.

The Bacana Route

The Bacana Route is a game about bird migration! Where do migratory birds live throughout the year? Where do migratory birds travel? What are the risks during long flights? The Bacana Route helps the player understand the impressive routes migratory birds take as well as our important role as protectors of birds. Download Here!

Authors: Zoraya Buitrago, Jay Martin, Camila Gomez and Nick Bayly
Contact Information:
Organizations:SELVA, Fundación Aves Colombianas, and Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center.


FiloGenios is a card game that shows the great variety of species that live in Colombia and how wonderful, rare, and incredible they are. In addition, the game shows some of the threats our ecosystems face and some options we have to protect them. Download Here!

Author: Catalina Palacios
Organization: Universidad de Los Andes, Phylo (The Phylomon Project), SELVA

A Pure Flight

This game aims to raise awareness of the fauna present in the wetlands of Bogotá. A Pure Flight identifies the morphological characteristics, distribution, and habitats of animals and recognizes each of the ecosystem services they carry out. For example birds disperse the seeds of the fruits they consume and help pollinate flowers through feeding on their nectar. Birds also control the growth of populations of various invertebrates and small vertebrates through their role as predators.

Authors: Andrés Camilo Pérez Rodríguez, Esperanza Sepúlveda Rojas and Liza Lorena Quitian Ayala
Organizations: Licenciatura en Educación Básica con Énfasis en Ciencias Naturales y Educación Ambiental de UNIMINUTO Virtual y a Distancia, Grupo de Investigación CAYTES – Ciencia, Ambiente y Turismo Ecologico Sustentable, y Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios – UNIMINUTO.