Educational Curricula and Activity Guides

Bird Expeditionary Guide

This fun activity guide was created for aspiring young explorers to learn more about birds and how to watch them in detail while discovering the joy of being close to nature. Anyone can go on a bird expedition to expand their understanding and appreciation about the birds in their community.  All you need is your curiosity, the activity guide, and pencils, to discover the wonderful world of birds and nature. It is that easy! Download here!

Organizations: Expediciones BIO: Alas, Cantos y Colores, Alexander von Humboldt Institute, Natural Sciences Institute of the National University of Colombia, Grow Colombia and United Way Colombia
Contact: Nelsy Niño-Rodríguez

Education Curriculum for Primary School: Biodiversity Week

This is a week long educators’ curriculum with activities on birds and butterflies. It includes an educator’s manual and activity sheets. Each activity meets the standards of the Ministry of Education for science, mathematics, art, Spanish, physical education among others! Download Here! 

Authors: Natalia Sanz de Santamaria, Camila Gomez, Mateo Hernandez and Zoraya Buitrago
Contact Information:
Organizations: SELVA y OpEPA

Volando vienen, volando van – Conservación de las aves de Río Blanco y Manizales (Flying come, flying go – Conservation of the birds of Río Blanco and Manizales)

This book of activities for teachers is aimed at environmental education in the Río Blanco Reserve region and the municipality of Manizales. The goal is to help communities learn more about the natural wealth that exists in their area. It contains activities, information sheets, and worksheets! It also includes drawings of the most common and endangered birds in the region. Through these activities participants will promote awareness, education and conservation of natural resources in their communities. Download Here!

Authors: Christian Devenish and Diana Arzuza Buelvas