Semillero de Alas Campeche-PAU’s new binoculars!

January 1st – April 15th, 2019
Campeche, Mexico

Semillero de Alas Campeche-PAU, an amazing environmental organization that is dedicated to creating educational environmental activities for their community and the environment, won a binocular mini-grant from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Optics for the Tropics. With their new binoculars, they educated their community with activities about the conservation of birds and the environment and led bird observation tours!

It was beautiful to see so many people participating in these amazing bird watching activities! Their faces lit up when they were able to see the details of the colorful birds up close with the aid of the binoculars instead of seeing them as gray spots moving in the distance with their bare eyes. All the participants enjoyed sharing their favorite bird. It was inspiring! The activities were a success.

There were children, youth and women from local schools, rural communities, indigenous and urban-marginalized communities, scouts and birdwatching groups! They all participated enthusiastically learning the tools to carry out all the birding activities in their communities. The binoculars helped participants see the details and markings to identify the birds, and they enjoyed seeing the birds’ movements and behaviors up close. At the end of the activities, the participants were motivated to better understand their surroundings and take actions to conserve the local environment.

Some photos of the wonderful activities of the events that took place with the community:

In Campeche the Semilleros de Alas Campeche- PAU organization has committed volunteers who work to create more favorable environments for birds, through the education of children, youth, and adults. Semilleros de Alas Campeche- PAU would like to thank Marta del Campo and Karen Purcell of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the staff of Optics for the Tropics for their support in motivating and helping continue with our actions in favor of birds and their habitats.

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