Ojo de Lumbre

Ejido Palma de la Cruz, San Luis Potosí, México

Ojo de Lumbre organized a 2017 Celebrate Urban Birds mini-grant project in Mexico. At the AviFest, participants learned about local bird diversity, habitat and conservation.

The AviFest featured art, gardening, bird watching, and citizen science activities for the community. On April 25, the event was held at the Juan Sarabia secondary and high school system in Ejido Palma de la Cruz, San Luis Potosí. Among the many activities at AviFest, there were workshops, talks, exhibitions, story telling, and a special community art exhibition. Some participants created drawings, paintings, sculptures, poems, and stories, and brought them to the exhibition to share with everyone! There were fun, hands-on activities for youth, too.

Thanks to the students and teachers of Escuela Telesecundaria Juan Sarabia, Victoria del Arte A. C., El Jardín de Cactáceas de la Facultad de Agronomía, Colectivo de Cartonería “Metamorfoseos”, the Alianza Mexicana por la Conservación de la Vida Silvestre A. C., and to everyone who contributed to make the organization of this event possible.

You can download the AviFest poster here!

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