Fresh Approach

May 31st, 2009
Oakland, CA

Jack London Square Farmers’ Market,
Oakland, CA

Fresh Approach’s mission includes building and sustaining connections between urban residents and their natural surroundings. To support this mission, we are creating a garden of native plants intended to attract birds, butterflies, and pollinating insects. Our Celebrate Urban Birds event will provide an educational family event for Oakland residents, while launching the creation of the garden.

finished green bird house
Fresh Approach celebrated urban birds at the Jack London Square Farmers’ Market on Sunday, May 31st. The event included birdhouse painting, bird watching, and decorations of farmers’ market stalls.

Approximately 45 children and their families participated in the birdhouse painting event. Birdhouses were painted and several children painted and drew on paper.

We had two bird walks led by local volunteer birdwatchers. Along the way, we saw robins, grebes, cormorants, finches, gold finches, and hummingbirds.

participant constructs and paints bird house

“We were surprised to see so many different birds in such a dense area,” said Marlene Park, one of the birdwatchers. “I thought we would just see pigeons and seagulls,” said her husband, Bill Park.

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