Discovering Birds & Schools in Uruguay

April 27th, 2012
Paysandu, Uruguay

In Paysandu, Uruguay, students of both: School N°23, N°96 and Father Lama School, participated in interesting and entertaining workshops about birds and their conservation. The workshops were organized by the English professor and bird-watcher Gustavo Capuccio, which allowed the participating children to go out on the field to learn how to use binoculars and photo cameras to capture beautiful images of the local birds.

Making a poster to say hi
The children also learned to use field guides and how to observe and identify birds and their plumage. The trips to the field and what they have learned regarding the local birds, was helpful in finding inspiration. Art came out from all parts of these children. They made collages, drawings, and appreciated the calls of the birds. Simply amazing!

Furthermore, these Uruguayan children participated of a wonderful cultural exchange with children from Ivy Hall School, located in Buffalo, Illinois, United States. The cultural exchange was a total success because it allowed the children to exchange drawings and information on 16 migratory bird species, out of which 4 make it to Uruguay.

Estudiantes de Colegio Padre Lamas
You see! The workshop over birds and their conservation, and the cultural exchange between the children from the Uruguay and the United States schools are an excellent example of how to create conscious in the little ones so that they can also spread it to their families and community with an appreciation towards wildlife, its birds and their conservation.

Learn more on the 2012 published article (in Spanish) found in the “Quinto Dia” newspaper.

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