Children’s Friend Observes Local Birds

April 28th, 2017
Providence, Rhode Island

We love hearing about the lasting impact that one day of Citizen Science can have. A great example is the Children’s Friend event on April 28 in Providence, Rhode Island.

(Photo © Children's Friend)

Their event hosted 35 participants, including families, friends, and neighbors in the area. The group developed a timeline to keep track of observations, and learned how to properly identify the focal species before heading outside to count. A particularly fun part of bird observation was sneaking outside quietly to watch the birds eating! Participants also had the opportunity to learn more about owls through a visit from the Audubon Society. Children and staff shared the memorable experience of seeing an owl up close.

“We snuck out and watched the birds. We were very quiet and saw them.” – Participant

(Photo © Children's Friend)
Children and their families enjoyed gardening and crafts as well. Children’s Friend participants created a garden and decorated homemade bird feeders. The feeders were made with recycled materials like paper towel rolls, cardboard, wooden spoons, cartons, and bottles. Some feeders were made with natural materials like pine cones! Additionally, each child took home the sunflower seeds from the Celebrate Urban Birds kit to plant. How fun!

(Photo © Children's Friend)
Following the timeline, eleven different classrooms participated in 10-minute birding sessions in the days following the event. But not just the students continued learning… now, staff who work in the building are citizen scientists, too! Many workers, neighbors, and families all have an increased awareness of birds in Providence; they label and count their sightings. Some feeders hang outside by the picnic table, so people eating outside can enjoy peaceful bird watching as they have lunch. The children have continued to water and weed their garden, which is right beside the playground.

(Photo © Children's Friend)

“Me and mom went on a bird walk and saw them.” – Participant

Congratulations on a great event, Children’s Friend! Everyone definitely learned more about the birds living in their urban community, and had fun along the way.

“We saw the red cardinal. He is a boy because he is the red one.” – Participant


~Article written by Brigid Lucey

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