Celebrating Urban Birds with AveZona!

January 13th, 2018
Yaracuy, Venezuela

In light of the Celebrate Urban Birds movement, AveZona in Venezuela has developed amazing bird conservation activities. Youth from the Marroquina Ecological Group (Grupo Ecológico La Marroquina) (GELAM) went birding in the Marroquina community in Yaracuy, Venzuela. The students were happy observing, identifying, and learning a little more about birds and their importance.

Thanks to helpful identification tips, binoculars, and nesting season, the children were able to see many birds.They learned how to carry an observation book, tips and tricks for birding, and how to use binoculars. Beyond the initial excitement of spotting birds, students looked forward to entering the data they had collected. In the pictures below, check out the efforts made by participants Francely P, Emily M, Eilyn M, Mariangel J, Jesus J, Darianna F, Sebastian M, Nilson M, Paola M, Cesar P, Mercedes S, Delvis R, Daniel S!

With help from artist Alejandra Romero Servaa painter and illustrator, AveZona and the children painted a mural. All of the youth put their best energy in painting birds like the Chestnut-fronted Macaw (Guacamaya Maracaná) and Ara Severas, which can be spotted in and around their community. Some also drew and painted the Northern Waterthrush (Reinita de los Charcos) (Parkesia noveboracensis), a migratory bird that is common, but rarely observed, in the Marroquina community.

We invite you to follow @ave_zona on Instagram. They will post adventures celebrating the urban birds of Venezuela, and their Bird of the Year!

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