Celebrate the Birds of Campeche!

June 15th, 2019
Campeche, Mexico

The Tecolotes Bajeños Birding Club Campeche (Campeche’s Pygmy Owl Birding Club) organized a community festival called “Celebrate the Birds of Campeche” in the Samulá, Campeche, Mexico. This festival happened with the support of the Semilleros de Alas Campeche, the Urban Birds Program (PAU) of La CONABIO (National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity), and with a mini grant for youth by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The Teocolotes Bajenos Birding Club dedicate themselves to promoting and organizing educational activities about birds, biodiversity, and conservation their community. The fun activities and educational workshops at the festival inspired participants to appreciate and learn more about their local birds, how to help the environment, and express themselves artistically! 

Various important members of the community were present at this wonderful event. These included the Director of Social Development of Campeche, the Mayor of Samulá, the Director of the Technological Institute, and many others. At the beginning of the event, Georgina Celis Zetina, coordinator of the Tecolotes Bajeños Birding Club and grant recipient of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, gave a warm welcome to all the participants and thanked all the representatives of organizations and institutions that supported the event.

People of all ages came to enjoy the festival including some important figures in the local community. These people came to enjoy the many exciting workshops offered. Most of these activities mixed together birds and art including drawing, mask-making, gardening, origami, games, and making jewelry using feathers. Not only did the participants get to make beautiful creations in these stations but they also learned a lot about different kinds of birds, where they live, and the importance of protecting their environment.

There were even contests for observing and identifying birds, bird photography, and drawings of birds. There were stands dedicated to making bird inspired embroidery, crafts, and flowerpots using recycled materials. Everyone from the community was eager to participate in these activities and kids were especially enchanted to learn more about the birds of Campeche! 

Thanks to El Instituto Tecnológico de Chiná (Technological Institute of Chiná) there was a very interesting display where participants could learn more about animals and birds. La Compania de Teatro EDUARTE, A.C (The EDUARTE Theater Company), a community theater group, taught participants about pollinators and how important they are by putting on a spectacular puppet show! Participants were able to read and listen to lovely poems, theater, and stories thanks to a collection of books provided by Libros Viajeros y Mente Verde, A.C (Traveling Books and Green Mind). 

By: Natalie Bonilla

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