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Marilyn Hamecher

Nova Scotia, Canada


This photo was taken in a small town in Nova Scotia in 2001. We were walking around town and passed an old derelict building and spotted this adorable group of Swallows sitting motionless in their nest. I’m not sure if they are Swallows?? Fast forward to 2018, I thought it would be perfect for your “Funky Bird Nest” contest.



Full House

The Nationality of Birds
Written by: Marilyn Hamecher

Ms. Chickadee flits close to my head.
I listen, twittering, while she's flying about.
What nationality would she be?
Clearly, I hear her twittering to me.
"Top o' the mornin' to yaw!"

Signor Cardinal swoops down to the feeder.
He hops back and forth, grabs a seed.
Fanning his beautiful red feathered tail.
In his red suit, he politely chirps to me.
"Ciao! Ciao! Ciao!"

Srta. Junco speed dives to ground.
Showing no manners for sharing.
Flashing her perfectly marked, petite body.
Devouring seeds and peeping to me.
"Buenas días! Buenas días!"

Herr Nuthatch glides to the feeder.
Boldly joining the other nationalities.
Balancing himself, he seems short, like me.
Snatching food, he pipes in a low guttural tone.
"Guten Tag...Guten Tag!"

Full House

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