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Sara Klein

Carrollton, OH, USA


This submission of three photographs shows a Carolina Wren nest in an Ortho “Whirlybird” seed spreader that was hanging on a peg-board in our garage. We live on a farm in Carroll County, Ohio, and have set aside most of our land for wildlife. Although we see many different birds species on our farm, we have never seen Carolina Wrens here. The pair who built this nest arrived during a deadly winter. The wrens are innovative, clever, and adorable. We hope they will stay here.




The Whirlybirds

This nest belongs to a pair of clever Carolina Wrens who showed up at our Carroll County, Ohio, farm during the brutal winter of 2017-18. They lived on seeds from our bird feeders, roosted in an Eastern Phoebe's nest under the eaves of our house, and made it to Spring. The pair built this nest in our garage! In honor of their feisty personalities and their choice nesting spot, we named them "The Whirlybirds."

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