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Celeste Andresen

San Manuel, AZ, USA


My husband hung a braid of lemon grass on our patio to dry. The braid is directly outside our sliding glass door, on our patio where we sit in the morning with coffee, and evenings with cocktails, and is my favorite reading spot (until BCHU decided to build her nest). The adult is quite feisty, and has been seen defending the young against Hooded Orioles and Clark’s spiny lizards. When she returns to the nest, she’ll hover outside the glass door to check on us, being certain we’re not a threat. This morning the nestlings were sitting on the edge of the nest, exercising their wings. Tomorrow is Day 21, which is the typical date for BCHU fledglings to leave the nest. As much as we’ve enjoyed this encounter with hummingbirds, we’re looking forward to being able to enjoy our patio once again!

Black-chinned Hummingbirds On A Braid Of Lemon Grass

The black-chinned hummingbird nest was built on a braid of lemon grass, hanging under the eaves of our patio, directly outside the sliding glass door!

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