New Brochure connects people with nature

Inner panel of brochure with paintings by Evaristo Hernandez
(Photo © Evaristo Hernandez Fernandez (artist))
The arts are a powerful way to connect with nature. Mexican artist and biologist Evaristo Hernández-Fernández spent a lot of time drawing as a kid. His father encouraged him to draw what he noticed in nature. As he grew, Evaristo discovered that to draw birds he needed to know them in detail. He began studying birds, and before he knew it, he became a scientist. He is now a biologist who shares his art to connect people with nature and to promote conservation efforts across the world.

Evaristo helped us create a wonderful pamphlet highlighting how he became a scientist through the arts. The pamphlet also highlights 5 focal species of birds — so that you can start sending us your observations!

Please download the pamphlet to learn specific things you can do to participate in the Celebrate Urban Birds citizen science activity and other fun things you can do to get to know and help birds in your neighborhood.

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