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Mourning Dove on on city balcony

My daughter lives on the 5th floor of an apartment/condominium complex in downtown Columbus, OH. She has not always shared my love for our fine-feathered friends, but I think she’s coming around….especially because of her recent experience with a pair of mourning doves.

On her 5th floor balcony railing, she has placed several planters with relatively healthy petunias. One day, she noticed some sticks in one of the planters and became curious as to their origin….even suspecting the tenant above her with dropping the sticks into the planter for some unknown and mysterious reason. She picked them out and threw them away. The next day the sticks had reappeared and it was about then that she discovered that a mourning dove was actually building a nest in the middle planter.

She began taking pictures and sharing them with me. The two baby birds have successfully fledged and all is back to normal in her household. The city slicker doves will be taking residence near the Blue Jacket’s home ice and the Columbus minor league team’s baseball stadium.

I thought this was a pretty unique location on the fifth floor of an urban condo balcony…I hope you agree.

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