(Photo © iStockPhoto)
The easiest way to distinguish a Black-crowned Night-Heron from other herons is to look for the red eyes, black cap on top of the head, short neck, and black back on a grayish-white, stocky body (photo on the right). Apart from the Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, it is the only heron in the United States that mostly operates at night.  Both of these species of Night-Heron have a couple long crown feathers that extend out past their necks.

  • Yellow-crowned Night-Herons have a clear white cheek stripe below their red eyes and a yellowish-white “crown” stripe on the top of their head.
  • American Bitterns are streaky brown.
  • Tricolored Herons are mostly blue and white with long necks.
  • Green Herons have yellow eyes and are a variety of greens and browns. They often hunt at night, but have far streakier color patterns than either Night-Heron.
  • Least Bitterns are much smaller than Night-Herons, and have a black cap and black back on a brown body.

You’ll almost always find the Black-crowned Night-Heron near water, whether it be a marsh, stream, lake, or flooded field.