Hummingbirds… Hmmmmm

The first line of this poem says it all!  After learning all I could jam into my birdbrain about Hummingbirds, I was convinced that this little bird has an enormous will to live.   

Just like I do.  I had to write about it, it’s that simple.

Marilyn Hamecher- 07/23/2019

Hummingbirds… Hmmmmm

My constant fascination with the Hummingbird is beyond any other.
Hummingbirds can fly up and down, left and right and into a hover.

Their tongue, like an elastic pump, that works like a straw.
Their brain, the largest for its body size, keeps me in awe.

All Hummingbirds love colorful flowers but “red” is the best.
Seeing in ultraviolet light, would help them “ace” an eye test.

Their heartbeats at 1,260x’s per minute is faster than you can blink.
Flying like a Helicopter and then disappearing into flowers of pink.

Their three sets of eyelids protect them from wind and fear.
They fly over 2,000 miles during migration, twice, in one year.

Hummingbirds hear better than humans but have no sense of smell.
Memorizing every flower and how long it takes for nectar to refill.

Hummingbirds are the 2nd largest family of birds, part of 332 species.
Flitting and humming about and leaving polka dots of tiny birdy feces.

Hummingbirds can fly 25-30/mph and dive up to 50/miles per hour.
Remembering every feeder where they ate… now that is brain power!

Their life span is brief averaging five years, yet not more than ten.
And… Hummingbirds are never troubled about growing old… Amen.