What types of questions do you ask on the application?

We ask about your proposed event or project with questions like where and when it would take place, who you would expect to participate (and how many participants you’d prepare for), and why you want to hold the event or pursue the project. We ask you to describe your proposed event/project in lots of detail, including how you plan to integrate gardening/habitat creation, the arts, and our 10-minute Celebrate Urban Birds observation into your event/project.

Then, we ask how much funding you’re requesting and how you’ll use the funding (plants, art supplies, partnering with a local artist, etc), including what other funding sources, if any, you’ve received or applied for. (Hint: Your chances of receiving an award will be higher if you are specific and organized with your budget!)

Finally, we give you space to tell us anything else you’d like us to know about your organization or proposal.

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