Do all bird sounds come from inside their beaks?

Well there are two categories of sounds: vocal and non-vocal sounds. Vocal sounds come from inside the bird– from the syrinx (bird “voice box”). Non-vocal sounds can be made by other parts of the bird such as the wings or the beak. Both the Woodpecker and Ruffed Grouse produce a sound called “drumming”. However, they sound very different because they are produced in very different ways. The Woodpecker’s drumming happens when it uses its beak on a surface that will make a very loud noise, and it “lets loose with a roll”. You can hear a Woodpecker drumming here. The Ruffed Grouse drums with its wings, however. The performer will cup its wings and bring them upward and forward with a very strong force, producing a thump that increases in frequency until it just sounds like a whir. You can hear a Ruffed Grouse drumming here.

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