Hold a Book Reading

Great read-aloud books include:

  • Flute’s Journey by Lynne Cherry — A young Wood Thrush named Flute makes its first migration from its nesting ground in a Maryland forest to its winter home in Costa Rica, and back again.
  • Urban Roosts: Where Birds Nest in the City by Barbara Bash — Explore how 13 species of birds have successfully adapted to city habitats.
  • Photo of the book Grandmother's Pigeon
  • Grandmother’s Pigeon by Louise Erdrich — An eccentric grandmother leaves behind three old eggs that hatch into Passenger Pigeons. Blends fantasy and science.
  • Picture of the book Gracie, The Public Gardens Duck
  • Gracie, the Public Gardens Duck by Judith Meyrick, Illustrations by Richard Rudnicki — Gracie is used to human food and knows how to get fed. What happens when her friends stop feeding her, for her own good? Will she learn to eat like a wild duck? What duck food does she find in the public gardens?
  • Picture of the book On Meadowview Street
    On Meadowview Street by Henry Cole — Have you ever wondered what would happen if you let your lawn grow? Henry Cole tells a wonderful story as ‘lawn’ becomes ‘habitat’ for all kinds of interesting creatures and beautiful birds. And everything in the story can actually be done in your own neighborhood!
  • A Nest for Celeste by Henry Cole — A novel for young readers, featuring a mouse named Celeste, who lives in a big plantation house in Louisiana, searches for a cozy home, makes friends with painter Audubon’s apprentice, sees Passenger Pigeons and an Ivory-billed Woodpecker, and many more birds!
  • Signs of Jays by Linda Kurtz Kingsley — A children’s picture book about 2 Scrub Jay babies who get rescued, rehabilitated, and then mainstreamed back into the wild…Great book for children with disabilities, especially relevant to hearing-impaired kids or any kids who want to learn about children with disabilities. Hand signs for some of the key words are included. Gorgeous illustration painted by Linda Kurtz Kingsley. Contact her website to obtain book.

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Photo of the book Signs of Jays

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