Create a Children’s Garden for the Birds

Photo of Yellow flower in garden
Assign a portion of your community garden for kids and birds. Children can plant flowers that will feed birds (red tubular plants for hummingbirds, sunflowers, daisies, goldenrods, asters, cosmos, zinnias and bee balm are great choices).

Obtain a used container that will hold water and encourage the kids to keep clean water for the birds in it. Place a small weatherproof box in the garden that holds a field guide, booklet for keeping a running list of birds seen and sketches, and writing utensils. A bench encourages quiet time in the garden. Other ideas for children’s gardens include planting flowers in the shape of a bird or butterfly; planting a bean or morning glory teepee for hiding, and creating a “mud hole” for kids or dust bath (dig up soil and mix with sand or ash) for birds.

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