Celebrate the Arts!

    Painting of two mallards, artwork produced from students
    (Photo © Quilt by Elsie Dentes)

  • Find art activities to help your patrons connect with nature. Activities can include fabric collages, tiles, bird mobiles and much more.
  • Hold an art or photography contest featuring urban nature and host a “gallery showing.” Highlight some of the wonderful work you receive by hosting a photo or art gallery. Make sure to include a youth section. Send some of your entries to the Lab of Ornithology.
  • student painting birds and getting involved in art
    Sponsor a “bird art” treasure hunt in your library or neighborhood. Participants may have to find clues, artifacts, or components to solve a mystery or to create an original work of art! Pair up with local artists to make this event more meaningful.
  • Create a story that requires that children find clues outside by looking at their neighborhood birds or habitat.

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