How to Apply for Mini-grants

Each year, we invite organizations to apply for our mini-grants to help finance and support creative events in their communities that integrate the arts, care for the environment, community participation, and participatory science.  All applicants will receive free training, materials, and resources to bring their ideas to life; including proposals that we are unable to fund. Organizations that work with underserved and under-resourced communities are strongly encouraged to apply. No experience with birds required. The mini-grants range from $100 to $750.

Applications for 2020 mini-grants is closed. We are now in the selection process. The list of winning organizations will be announced on February 7, 2020.

Mini-grant winners must complete the following:

  • Hold a Celebrate Urban Birds event or project in 2020 that:
    • Includes the arts
    • Includes gardening
    • Connects the public with nature
    • Teaches the public about birds, especially our 16 focal species
    • Collects data by participating in the 10-minute Celebrate Urban Bird citizen science activity
    • Distributes Celebrate Urban Birds kits (with posters, seeds for planting, and more)
  • Stay in direct contact with Celebrate Urban Birds staff to understand the requirements, payment, and necessary documentation for the mini-grant
  • Submit a brief report about the event, activities, and goals, and share photos with the necessary permission of participants

The mini-grant application is simple and easy to complete. You don’t need to know how to write proposals to apply. All we ask is that you answer our questions about how you’d like to organize your event, where and when you’d like to hold it, and who will participate.

Email ( to Celebrate Urban Birds program with any questions or concerns. You can also explore frequently asked questions about mini-grants here.