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Cory Sandstra

Edmonton, AB, Canada


My 8 year old son came up from the basement on Thursday, June 22nd, saying he could hear something coming from the bathroom vent. Upon inspection from the outside of the house into the conduit, we discovered this nest of very newly hatched chicks. We hadn’t heard them before so I believe they just hatched. I’m not an expert by any stretch, but after watching for some time I was able to get a picture of the mother or father bird bringing a meal back to the nest and was able to watch the bird go in to feed the hatchlings. It would appear that this is a family of House Sparrows. Initially we thought we should remove the nest, but after consulting local wildlife relocation services it seems the risks are quite low to just let them stay there. Once the chicks are old enough to leave the nest, we will clear everything out and have the conduit cleaned out. In the meantime t seems like a good opportunity to learn more about these birds and educate our kids about them and being good ambassadors of nature.



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House Sparrow nest

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