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Anna Szymeczek

Glenville, MN, United States

Hmm, I Wonder How the Family Fits!

In 2016 I saw the “Funky Nest in Funky Places Contest”, but when I saw the contest it was already over. But now in 2017 the contest is back again! So after I saw the contest we got to go outside that day. I looked all over the place, nothing. When we went uptown, nothing. So after 3 days of being inside because of rain, we got to go outside and… under the roof of my Dad’s garage there I saw a BIRDS NEST! My dad said he already knew about the birds nest because he always heard chirping when he was in his garage. I’m 10 years old and I hope we can win the contest!

Anna Szymeczek

One thought on “Hmm, I Wonder How the Family Fits!

  1. That’s a tight place for a nest! How do the birds fit in between the nest and the roof? And winning isn’t going to be that easy!

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