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Richard Lombard

Andover, MA, United States


There was a fascinating event worth noting that occurred in box 1FF located in the Front Field. It began when a pair of bluebirds constructed their nest in the box but then abandoned the nest and a clutch of 3 eggs. House Sparrows may have had something to do with this outcome. Soon after, Tree Swallows built a nest over the bluebird nest. The female apparently was unable to bury 2 of the previous tenants’ eggs, so her eggs and the bluebird eggs laid side-by-side. Thus, the resulting “clutch” consisted of 2 sky-blue eggs and a pair of white eggs. A rather odd juxtaposition. Happily, this second nest attempt was successful, producing a pair of fledglings – Tree Swallows.

An Unlikely Pair

An Unlikely Pair

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