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Cathy Olyphant

Woodville, Wisconsin, United States


In the beginning I repurposed my grandfather’s 1902 Princeton University golf trophy as a flower pot. Then winter came and I forgot about it on the porch railing until spring. A mother robin decided that this tarnished trophy complete with de-icer cord coming down from the roof and a rock from Montana is her house beautiful. Beginning May 4th we stopped using the front door because now a different Mama ruled the roost! Instead we used a secondary door which my husband took to calling the “servant’s entrance. Four weeks later on June 3rd all four babies fledged. While it was wonderful to have use of our main door again we did go through a bit of “empty nest syndrome” after they left!


A Robin’s Trophy Home

Mama Robin and her trophy home! I had repurposed the trophy as a flower pot, but hadn't planted it up yet this spring.

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