Bird Brain

We, as humans, often use a derogatory phrase, “He’s a bird brain” or She’s a bird brain”.   Now, I know differently.  Just learning about the amazing cognitive habits of the Black Capped Chickadee, made me rethink this dumb phrase.  If someone calls me a bird brain, I’ll say thank you, just like my poem. 

Marilyn Hamecher- 01/14/2022

Bird Brain

The Black Capped Chickadee is well known for their amazing cognitive skills.
They frequent the feeders, get their fill, grab a few seeds and head for the hills.

They fly to a Pine tree, seek out a pine cone and cache their seeds to share with a mate.
In the summer they forage for food but instead of eating it, they stash it for a later date.

It is estimated that its cache has as many as 100,000 seeds, hoarded, ready to tap.
It is remarkable they can remember where it is stashed, without even using a map.

It appears that they use a complex system of memory, such as arrangements of trees.
They also use landmarks for clues to find their way during their nourishment sprees.

This astonishing little bird has more brain power than some of the folks that I know.
The next time someone calls you a bird brain respond with; “Thank You, does it show?”