House Sparrows_Funky Nests 2010

Smart Sparrow Parents

I was helping out an elderly neighbor by planting spring flowers in her 2nd story balcony flower pots and two sparrows kept fussing at me, flying back and forth for over an hour. It wasnÕt until they flew away that I realized why.

I heard the faintest chirping sounds and saw about 8 feet above me a nest in the crack of the roof. You could barely see that it was a nest because the parents had wedged the nesting material into the crevice and it was almost hidden.

I went inside the house and got a ladder and took the picture through the window and between the curtains so I would not disturb the nest or the parents. Just as I was taking the picture one of the parents arrived home with lunch; right on time as it was 12:36 pm.

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