My photo is not so unusual but it was taken in a location very dear to me–the ancient city of TROY. I usually live overseas (China, Czech Republic, Malta, Puerto Rico,Tunisia and hopefully to the Marshall Islands next) teaching ESL.

I spent one summer in Greece and Turkey on vacation wandering from one evocative place to another. While in Troy, walking around reading snippets of Homer and listening for the tragi-brave sounds of battle, I heard quite another sound. Loud baby squawks, quiet, more loud baby squawks. I followed stealthily until I came to a cross timber and found these precious little faces. Suddenly, Mom arrived with a nice morsel. Back and forth tending the most assertive ones.

Being so close was thrilling. Amid the ghosts and in a nest made of crumbles of the famous fortress were little creatures proclaiming yet another universal theme–nature is glorious.

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