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Judy Coates

London, ON, Canada


One day I heard a racket as I passed by our old aerial tower. We had enclosed the first four feet to prevent children from climbing it. I looked over just in time to see a Starling “high tail” it out. I thought it curious as we had just been talking about taking the tower down, so I walked over and peeked in. To my surprise there was a beautiful nest, carefully decorated with black feathers and four lovely blue eggs. It put me in a paradoxical situation though because Starlings are an invasive species and as an avid backyard bird watcher, they are one of the bird species that I would describe as “a thorn in my side”. We had to wait though to take the tower down after the babies fledged as I just could not bring myself to destroy the nest, it was too perfect.

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Babies In The Tower

Starling Nest In Bottom Of Our Old Aerial Tower

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