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Meaghan Mulvana

Ithaca, NY, USA


Ithaca had a long winter, and I kept my winter-themed wreath up longer than usual. In early April, the snow finally melted, and I was prepared to take the wreath down, when I noticed there was a nest in there, freshly-made! Running the risk of looking odd with winter decor still up in spring, I didn’t take the wreath down, and was amazed to find not three, not four, but five eggs in the little nest by the end of the week! Unfortunately, it was the only door into my apartment, so I had to be so careful coming and going! The mother was nervous, but she never attacked me. She would just perch on a nearby railing and watch me, chirping and hollering until I was out of sight. The father bird often tended to the nest too, which is how I determined they were house finches – he was hard to mistake for anything else! And within the coming weeks, the babies all hatched. It was amazing to watch them grow!



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House Finches In My Door Wreath

The first egg hatched on April 25!

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